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i write sins not tragedies
the worthless
probably not as crazy as she thinks so, defitely has the peter pan syndrome, her priorities are somewhat mistaken, imaginative, horribly bossy, frighten, fantasy-lover, book-whore, ego-maniac... if you get as close to her to the point of fearing for your life, it would be too late, you'd already love her.

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Tehanu [userpic]

Basically this post is an excuse to show off my new mood theme, featuring animated heroines *o*
Ariel is on it *squee*
Oh, it was made by miss_kallahan 

Oh, well, I should rant about something at least, right?
Well, I'm kinda pissed because of the last Harry Potter trailer... Don't get me wrong, I think the trailer was awesome like the rest of them. Is only that this time, we, the hispanic fans, received a subbed version, and the tittle of the movie read: 'Harry Potter y el Misterio del Príncipe' ('Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Prince').
That is the totally lame tittle that the hispanic editorial put to the 6th book. Why? Because of piracy issues...
Nevertheless, I was hoping that the movie could be entitled as it should be 'Harry Potter y el Príncipe Mestizo'. I guess I'm too näive u,u

Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Tehanu [userpic]

I was bored and I decided to check some argentinian anime forums. Of course, this was a bad idea, not only because, as in many other countries, anime is reduced to Naruto, and if manga exists the only genre available is shounen; but also because the ego fame of argentinian people is no lie.

Nevertheless, I decided to take a look. I entered the manga section and there, with great surprise, I found a post of Pandora Hearts 0__0 Intrigued, I read it... Oh... my... God...

The post was made by this girl nicknamed Hokuto, and it was already deleted with its title changed to The true story of Holy avenger: Between gar and gay.

I read the second post, and I understood. Some idiot, who amazingly (or not so much) is mod there, stated this: "One would believe that with a nick as GAR as Hokuto you'd come and post about something GAR. Such as Riki-oh or JoJo's. Instead, I find myself with a shounen-ai... like in Jojo's but without everything that makes it interesting, which is replaced by strawberries and the girl who likes him and doesn't dare to confess it.
Don't be offended by your work, I didn't even look at it. I was simply disappointed by your name, and I transfered that to your work. Besides, why being a woman you call yourself Hokuto?"

And then the clever mod, left a bunch of links and images of "Hokuto no Ken", the only manga character that can be named like that, of course.

The girl, Hokuto, later on, replied, explaining that Pandora Hearts was a shonen and that her nick was from Tokyo Babylon (well, there you have MY one and only Hokuto <3)

Afterwards she left and a bunch of idiots just mocked her with clever things such as:  "I take to heart everything, EVERYTHING, I HATE ALL MEN AND WOMEN, AND THE STRAWBERRIES RULE!", "Too bad she left, this would have been an epic shitstorm.", "Pussy on the sand was offended, I'm gonna die a fat fujoshi was offended. NEVERTHELESS, Hokuto is still Hokuto no Ken, she can put her shounen-ai... in her belly".

Regardless of Pandora Hearts genre, the boys over there were SHIT. Sexist, now-it-all, homophobic, discriminative, and, above all, stupid. By the way, the bolded words, are they very same words, I did not translate them, I find it amusing that they use english words like 'instead' in a post... very GAR of them...
Most japanese names are unisex, hello? Hokuto no Ken is not the only Hokuto out there, hello? A girl can be nicknamed as a boy if she wants to, hello? An so, and so...

But I don't wanna fall like they did... Otherwise I would have already subscribe to that forum to choke them to death with shounen-ai and wank ¬¬

Also, where the fuck in all Pandora Hearts manga do they even name strawberries? ô_o
Oh, last thing, this clever mod, had a quote from Watchmen on his signature... If Alan Moore were dead he would revolt in his grave with this sexists commentaries.

Current Mood: enragedenraged
Tehanu [userpic]

In times like this I'd love to live in the Antarctic ¬¬

Today the apparent temperature rise to almost 40ºC... I could have melted~~~
On top of everything, my ventilator doesn't ventilate at all, and it makes an hideous sound u.u

Autumn, come please!!! Aww, the crunchy noise of the fallen leaves *o*

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